Are you arriving in Paris? Our advice for settling in well in the City of Lights

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Before Moving to Paris, Take Time to Learn French Culture and Local Customs

Familiarize yourself with the French language, traditions, food and social etiquette. This will help you adapt more easily to life in Paris and integrate into the local community.

France is a country with nearly 68 million inhabitants, including 2 million in Paris. The latter is considered one of the cities offering the best quality of life in the world. It is said to be a city you either love or hate, but its beauty is undeniable, with the Seine running through the middle and cultural symbols such as the Paris Opera, the Louvre Museum, the Arc de Triomphe and the iconic Eiffel Tower.

But what is daily life like in this city? If you are considering sending one of your employees to the City of Light or are about to move there yourself, read on, we inform you about everything you will need to take into account!

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Find Suitable Housing

Housing is a crucial aspect for any international assignment. Research housing options that fit your budget and needs. Consider proximity to your workplace, accessibility to public transportation, and comfort necessary to you and your family if applicable.

Housing in Paris is not easy to find, some people need several weeks of searching and prices are not always ideal. That’s why at eres we offer temporary housing services tailored to your needs, which will allow to search for your permanent housing without stress.

Learn to Get Around the City

Paris is composed of 24 districts and 20 arrondissements, the latter in a spiral shape starting from the center and numbered clockwise, which facilitates orientation. (in view of its shape, French people call it “l’escargot” – the snail).

Most people have a metro station near their home, which facilitates the commutes. Thus, it is important to check this before moving.

We know that the first days are not easy, especially in a big city such as Paris. That’s why we organize Orientation Tours for newcomers, which enables to have a first overall view of the life in the host city.  

Discover the Local Gastronomy

Paris is a gastronomic paradise. Street markets, bakeries and Parisian cafes provide an authentic culinary experience, while the wide choice of wines wonderfully complements local dishes. From traditional dishes like boeuf bourguignon and crème brûlée to fresh baguettes and other colorful macarons, invite visitors to enjoy the rich local culinary culture.

Connect with the Expat Community

Paris is home to a large community of expatriates from around the world. We advise you to seek out groups and events for expats to connect with people sharing the same experience. This will give you opportunities to make friends, gain valuable advice, and feel more integrated into the Parisian life.

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Prepare for the Climate

The climate in Paris can be variable, with cold and humid winters and hot, stifling summers. Be sure to be ready, with clothing suited to each season and comfortable shoes for walking Paris’ cobblestone streets.


Settling in Paris is an exciting experience, which requires preparation and adaptation. It is crucial to know all the options available to fully enjoy this experience. Remember, we are here to provide our support and tailored services as you embark on this new adventure in the City of Light.


The Eres Relocation France Team


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