What is the Mobili Pass subsidy? See the conditions for your expatriated employees

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What is the Mobili Pass?

The Mobili Pass is a financial help designed by the government of France to help during a work-related relocation.

The Mobili Pass in France is made up of a subsidy and a low-interest loan, as mentioned above. The maximum amount is 3.500 euros and also has some conditions tied to it. The subsidy must be used to cover costs resulting from hiring a professional institution to help you find and move to your new place of residence, such as Eres Relocation. The loan is tied to costs of the mobility itself, think about agency or notary fees, double rent, interim interest, etc.     

The Mobili Pass in France consists of a subsidy and a low-interest loan. A Mobili Pass is issued when the need to move is proven and the person receiving the pass moves more than 70km away from his current residence, or has to travel longer than 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Who is eligible for a Mobili Pass?

Moving employees to France can be a costly endeavour, but thanks to the Mobili Pass instituted by France, it will be less costly and more feasible to do. Eligible reasons to apply are starting a new job in a different location, moving to a different site due to company requirements or training in a different part of France.

Requirements and how to apply

The Mobili Pass help is restricted to employees from a company in the private sector with at least 10 employees. It has to be proven that the subsidy and loan will be used to move within a 30 min commute of the new place of work. Lastly, the income of the person receiving the Mobili Pass in France cannot exceed more than 2.332 euros (gross) per month and he or she has to be working for the company for at least 6 months.

The amount depends on where the new place of residence is located. For the zones A, A Bis and B1 the maximum amount is 3.500 euros, of which 2.200 euros are the subsidy. For zones B2 and C the maximum amount is 3.000 euros, of which 1.900 euros are the subsidy. To find out in which zone you are going to move, fill in your postal code or the name of  your city here.

This Action Logement website is also the one you will use to complete the request for the Mobili Pass. Moving employees to another country can be a difficult and expensive venture. However, with the help of the Mobili Pass you can save on costs and additionally, with the services of Eres Legal, you will be assisted throughout the whole process and have peace of mind that your employees are in the best possible care.

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