Relocating Your Company In France: Formalities For Changing A Registered Office Address

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One might decide to change registered office address due to business requirements or a marketing plan. So, you might be curious about how to relocate your French company, there are a few formalities in changing a company registered address in france. Keep reading to get your answer.

How to change the Registered Office Address In France?

A French address must exist to enter the business’s information into the Commercial Court records. So, you must get a registered address in the country for your business. France has a few options for establishing a company’s primary or secondary location. The following are a few ways one can change the registered office address in France:

Home-Based Domiciliation

Such an option allows one to use their home address as the registered office address in France. Using your residence as your main office is relatively simple and quick if you’re a small business owner.

However, your rental contract might constrain your activities if you don’t own the house. In that scenario, you’ll need permission to exercise your activity.

Well, there might be multiple members in the company. In such cases, there might be limitations on how many years one can use their home address for business purposes. Besides, remember, only the director’s address would be acceptable. Anything else is illegal.

Purchasing or Renting a Location for Office

You might want a more traditional business model. If so, consider renting or buying property in France. Thus, your business would have a space just for its operations and activities. Your personal and professional lives are therefore separated.

Nevertheless, we won’t recommend doing so if your business has just begun functioning. Besides, it is best not to buy or rent an area if it’s not necessary for conducting business functions. It will eat up a significant portion of your monthly budget.

Additionally, it would help if you remembered that your business’s size changes over time. So, your spatial requirements may also change, necessitating changing a company registered address. But there are minimum stay requirements outlined in French rental agreements. So, it might get problematic for you.

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Business Center Domiciliation

Registering your company through a business center is very simple. You won’t even need to have a residence in France! One will only need to get in touch with the center. Then, they will manage all the administrative processes. You can easily create and register your company this way.

Using domiciliation services, you can obtain a legal address for your business in a prestigious area. Moreover, you will also get your emails and other business-related documents in that location.

How To Relocate A Company In France?

To relocate a company address, an individual must inform the Commercial Court and enter the new location. Besides, they must pay the additional office address alteration fees.

You might need to relocate your company for many reasons. However, you have to follow a few steps to do so in a legal way. So, let’s discuss how to change the registered office address in France:


Step 1: Inform Commercial Court

Firstly, one must notify the commercial court to relocate a company. It would be illegal to change the office address without letting the court know. Furthermore, you cannot register the new address as your office location unless you notify the commercial court and receive their approval.

You may have to give an application to the commercial court when you are planning to change your address. Once the court approves, you can proceed further.


Step 2: Enter The New Location

Now, you will have to fill out a change of registered office form. You must write your new location and other relevant information in it. For example, you must include the following details when filling out the form:

  • Company No.
  • Business Name
  • Address of the Modified Registered Office
  • A director’s signature approving the modification
Step 3: Pay Address Modification Charges

Finally, you have to pay the additional office address alteration fees. Changing one’s registered office address includes shifting the company bylaws. You must cover two fixed costs to do this. These are the cost of publishing the news in recognized journals and the court costs.


We can help you relocate your company to France

By now, you’ve got to know how one can change registered office address in France. Well, it is undoubtedly a pretty costly and time-consuming process. So, if you need consultation or any help with relocation, don’t hesitate to contact eres. Thanks for reading through. Good luck!

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