To all of our Clients, Colleagues, Friends and Followers,

As everyone of us, all around the world, faces this tremendous human tragedy we wanted to send a message of support and encouragement to you all from the eres team.

In eres, we are all working from home now. In Spain, in France, in Italy, Portugal and in the Netherlands, most of us are confined inside the walls of our homes. Some of us are allowed to take our dogs for a walk, many of us can’t take the children to the park, go for a run or meet our friends and family. It’s not easy, we all feel isolated and anxious and there are days when we struggle to feel positive and to tell ourselves that one day this will all be over and behind us.

But one day it will be over and until then, every one of us in all of our eres countries is doing everything we possibly can to focus our energy on getting through the crisis together and to keeping our sights firmly set on that day, somewhere on the horizon when things begin to get back to normal.

In the meantime, we are making great use of our technology to have video conference calls with all of our teams as often as we can. We are holding virtual meetings of our Country Directors every week so that we can share anecdotes, information, tips and simply cheer each other up when one of us may be struggling to stay positive in the face of this enormous challenge and all that it implies for us personally and professionally. This virtual human connection and interaction is more important now than ever, as we help each other to stay positive.

And as we lead eres through this challenge, we are conscious that our leadership will be key. We are determined to rise to the occasion and to make sure that we provide all of the support we can to our Clients, our Assignees as well as to our Employees, and to each other. We are doing the best we can to anticipate what is coming and to be pro-active and relentless in our search for solutions. Whatever we have to face together over the next few weeks and months, our sights will stay firmly fixed on that point in the future when be beat this virus, when the sun comes out , and when once again we can meet our friends, or take our children to the park and feel really truly grateful for the opportunity to do all of those little things that before Coronavirus came along and hit us for six, we took so much for granted.

From all of us in eres we say, please look after yourselves, and each other. Join us in staying positive and in looking to a future where we will all be more humble, less arrogant and less selfish, because we will have learnt to value, to treasure, what really matters.

Take care everyone. Stay well and when the sun comes out tomorrow, we sincerely hope that we will have the pleasure to be working together again, in a better, wiser post Coronavirus world.

On behalf of the eres Board,

Elaine & José

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