We are very excited to announce that the founders of Eres Relocation Services, Elaine Hery and José Antonio de Ros, who have both been in the Global Mobility industry since the early 90s and 2000s respectively, have now created something new.

Eres Legal Europe – the regional European expert in immigration law.

Eres Legal steps into a gap in the market. We have broken the mould for European immigration services. We set out to combine great local expertise with excellent communication and outstanding customer service in every country in Europe. It has been an exciting journey and we are very proud of the results: expertly managed, easy to follow immigration compliance for your Europe-bound employees.

As specialists in European immigration law, we are driven by one core belief; that everyone should be able to make their next big move. We want your business to thrive, and your employees to succeed – wherever they are. We are resolute in never compromising on any of the things that set us apart: independence, local expertise, and high-quality, personalised service. 

Visit our website or simply contact us directly to find out. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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