Global Mobility During Ukraine Conflict – Temporary Protection

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The conflict in Ukraine is affecting global mobility from various aspects. Firstly, most countries are limiting their flights to Russia and Ukraine. Secondly, sanctions against Russia make it increasingly difficult for goods and funds to reach the region. As a result, foreign employees are suffering difficulties regarding rent and expenses. Therefore, most companies’ best course of action is to stop sending employees to these regions. Plus, they also need to relocate the current employees from those countries. And that poses a lot of challenges, such as obtaining temporary protection status for the employees in an interim country and ensuring safe passage. In the following article, we shall see some of the leading global mobility challenges arising from the Ukraine crisis. 

Global Mobility Challenges In Ukraine Crisis

One of the main threats arising from this situation is imminent cyberattacks. For instance, Russia has quite a reputation for cyber attacking critical shipping and supply infrastructures at times of crisis. And as the global supply chain is already fragile enough from the pandemic, attacks like that can mean severe devastation. Another thing that can impact global mobility is fuel costs. Russia is one of the major exporters of crude oil and natural gas. And there are already manipulating fuel costs as counter-attacks against the countries putting sanctions on them. And needless to say, this will have severe consequences on land, water, and air travel.

Temporary Protection Of Ukraine People In France

The French Temporary Protection status is an initiative that helps provide Ukrainian refugees who seek relocation in France. And it was authorized by the council of the European Union in March 2022. However, there are specific terms and conditions for these temporary protection visas. For instance, ukrainian citizens who were residents in their country before the 24th of February of this year can apply. Also, those who were not citizens but were under the protection of Ukrainian authorities are eligible. People are also eligible if they hold a Permanent Residence Permit validated by the Ukrainian Authorities and are now unable to return to their country safely. This circumstance applies to many foreign employees. If this is the case of your employees in Ukraine, you have an opportunity to relocate them to France. The spouse and children or dependent relatives of the above persons are also eligible for this temporary protection. hands holding ukranian flag After getting the protection, there are several rights the person can enjoy. First, the authorities will issue a temporary Residence Permit in the French Territory which will allow them to engage in a professional activity. Moreover, they will obtain to access healthcare, schooling for children, and housing benefits. To apply for these privileges, the Temporary Protection seeker has to contact the locality’s administrative office. At this time, they have to bring along some necessary documents that justify and attest to their situation. After the study of their case, they will receive the Residence Permit, and subsequently, the staff will refer them to the office dealing with Ukrainian immigration.

Relocate Your Employees Safely with ERES Relocation

Relocating foreign employees, especially during a crisis of this magnitude, is indeed challenging. And if you plan to tackle it entirely by yourself, there is a fair chance of failure and frustration. So, it is best to take the help of a professional relocation company, such as ERES Relocation. Present in nine cities across six European countries, our teams at ERES are composed of experts in immigration and relocation services. We have the emotional capabilities to understand what our clients are going through, and this is what enables us to ensure the quality of our services. Many countries offer similar Ukrainian Temporary Protection programs, which provide the Ukrainian refugees with temporary protection visas. To ensure that your foreign employees can get the full benefits of initiatives such as the Temporary Protection status, as well as a safe relocation, you can trust our teams of professionals at ERES Relocation.

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