November Rental Market Newsletter

Thank you for staying tuned to our Rental Market Newsletter!  As you probably know, a lot is currently going on in Europe. The war in Ukraine, as well as the economic situation in each country, can affect the characteristics of the rental markets. We thought it could be useful for you to know about these […]

Expat Salary: Expatriation Compensation Approaches

expatriate compensation

Whether an overseas assignment will succeed or fail mostly depends on the quality of the expatriation compensation employees receive while working abroad. A lucrative compensation package will guarantee that your foreign employees feel entirely supported financially during their assignment. They also attract the best possible candidates for the job from within your organization or when […]

Everything you need to know about ETIAS

Relocation services to Europe

What is ETIAS? ETIAS stands for ‘European Travel Information and Authorization System’. It is a travel permit that will be mandatorily necessary to enter the 26 countries of the Schengen area for a stay of up to 90 days for tourism or business reasons in a period of 180 days. It will required for citizens […]

What Is the Passport Talent in France? Eu Blue Card Conditions

Europe Flag

Immigration can be a tricky slope to navigate. France is trying to make immigration for talented and skilled individuals more attractive with the help of the Blue Card. This guide will be all you need to know about it. There are EU Blue Card conditions as well. We will take a deep dive into what […]

Global Mobility During Ukraine Conflict – Temporary Protection

ukranian flags

The conflict in Ukraine is affecting global mobility from various aspects. Firstly, most countries are limiting their flights to Russia and Ukraine. Secondly, sanctions against Russia make it increasingly difficult for goods and funds to reach the region. As a result, foreign employees are suffering difficulties regarding rent and expenses. Therefore, most companies’ best course […]

Sending An Employee Abroad: Expatriation Or Temporary Assignment?

airplane taking off

Sending employees abroad is one of the first steps towards the global expansion of a business. And naturally, it presents some challenges. Plus, you have to decide whether to make it an expatriation or a temporary assignment. Hopefully, the following article will shed some light on this issue. Differences between Temporary Assignment and Expatriation Sending […]

Posted Workers EU: Directive 96/71/EC

Europe ambition

Dear Client, With EU posting of workers directive being taken very seriously by the EU labour authorities it is increasingly important for our Clients to understand their obligations when relocating their employees from one country to another within Europe and to comply with the Posted Workers directive 96/71/EC. Posted workers in France We have prepared […]

Brexit current State of Impact on our Countries

Eres Brexit

In view of the fast approaching Brexit deadline of 31st December 2020, we thought you may find the attached White Paper helpful: It provides the key information you need to consider when sending employees to any of the eres countries (Spain, Portugal, France, Italy & the Netherlands ) before or after the end of this year. We have included […]